Looking for love? Read this.


We all wish for someone to bring love into our lives. We really want to meet a friend or partner or a coach who understands us and does not judge us. For every decision we take we are continuously judged by our parents and neighbours. This leaves us feeling upset and uncared for. Sick of these judgements, we long for someone who would be able to see the light in us.

But the truth is that we all judge. Even you judge your parents and your neighbours. All of us are continuously placing judgements upon each other. Each time you expect someone to accept you without judging you, you will be left disappointed.


When we want someone to love us, we always end up feeling hurt and judged. The only way to feel loved is to serve with love. The person whom you truly wish to serve with love is in reality the right one for you. The friendship you wish to serve, the relationship in which you wish to give without expecting, such relations are the bonds of love.

This however does not mean that you allow someone to walk all over you. The moment you feel that you no longer wish to serve this person or you are having a hard time giving your love to this relationship, then its time to stop and think.


We are often told that we should serve our parents, our teachers, our neighbours and all those who have played important roles in our upbringing.

The bittersweet truth is that this will cannot be forced upon you. Many times this will is not cultivated for the people in our family. The reason is not that we dont love them or value them but that this will has its own beautiful nature which is connected to the highest order of love and that is divine love.


When we become aware of our will to serve a particular relationship, we need to release all our judgements. Witnessing how you judge people and then slowly bringing in kindness to all situations fills you up with love.

Your will is all thats needed. There is no need to let go of all expectations and judgements all at once. Simply be willing to let go. Pray and surrender. Pick up your magic wand of compassion and share the suffering of others. Dwell in light and soon all you see will be light.


When it comes to deciding whom do you wish to serve and whether it is your family, your friends, your teachers or your community. The answer it simple. Those who help you to surender your pain and fear help you to connect with the love within you. When you are in alignment with love, you can clearly feel the glow and see the light of love sparkling in their eyes. This is what people see in their soulmates or friends or loved ones.


What makes you feel free and relieved? Which relatioart-background-beautiful-1028707nship is not tied to any bonds other than love? Those relations in which you feel caged and those who are not willing to open their heart to your service will never be benefitted by it.

Serve those  who allow your love to enter their hearts. Serve those who are willing to receive. In this service you will find the ultimate freedom from all judgements and expectations.



For all my lonely readers( Welcoming the gift of Love)

No one likes being alone. We all love company and the warmth of relationships. But so often we find ourselves all alone scrolling through the social media or surfing through the internet for no apparent reasons.

How I would love to spend an evening baking cookies while my friends and family settle down for a nice treat of hot coffee and lots of talking. We all love evenings like that but sometimes we find ourselves all alone and lost in silence.

So if you feel alone and long for a beautiful evening in the company of your loved ones, then its a grest thing to unblock the flow of love and dwell in its warm embrace.


When we are betrayed by friends, looked down upon by neighbours and insulted by family members, we feel such intense pain that our already wounded heart can no longer bear it.

So in order to protect our tender heart from suffering this pain, we lock it up to keep the pain out. But in doing so we are also keeping the love out.

Open your heart to receive love. Start witnessing your wounds slowly. Pray and surrender. Forgive and send love to those who hurt you. COMPASSION IS THE KEY TO UNLOCK YOUR HEART. Release slowly all that no longer serves you. Bring kindness to all past resentments. Step by step let all resentments go and dissolve them with kindness.


Do not try to burden yourself with the sorrows and sufferings of others. That will do you no good. Give them a hug, send them love, be there for them and do your best but for this you need not take their pain into your heart. In this way, you arent helping them in any way. You cannot spread love until you are trapped in pain and fear. Keep your light glowing and serve them with love.


Call up your family members and have a pleasant talk. Mostly, we often end up having heated arguments with those we love. Do not target topics which might trigger disagreements. Have lengthy and pleasant conversations with them. Make them feel loved and cared for.


In place of the usual evening tea, make some nice hot chocolate and enjoy it with your kids or siblings. Knit  beautiful sweaters for your grandparents. Buy a new shawl for your grandma. Give your mom a nice head massage with her favourite  hair oil. Sit down with your dad and watch an old movie or have a pleasant discussion about painting the house or getting new furniture for the house. Listen to your grandfather as he narrates his life long experiences. Send postcards with little messages of love on them.


Our friends too are the ones we love sharing our experiences with. Write them a letter or an email sharing all your bittersweet experiences with them. Invite them for a nice evening with cakes and cookies. You can also get together and make christmas cards, birthday items or some other handmade stuff.

If you wish to make new friends easily, do read my post on this.


Heal your broken heart with these powerful insights

adorable-books-candle-326581So here I present to you some beautiful lessons and insights from my fiction story “SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TONIGHT” at oyewiki.com







We feel ashamed and guilty because we are unable to be kind to ourselves. Kindness is the key element of compassion. Being kind and treating yourself with love helps heal all shame and guilt. It helps you in letting go of all that no longer serves you. Through the mirror of kindness you can see the real you who is pure and loving. Stop beating yourself up. It does you no good. Be kind to yourself. Dissolve the harsh and painful situations with love and kindness. You are one with the universe and the moment you become aware of this truth all your fears are taken care of.


When you cultivate compassion for yourself and others, all you see is light. You will then realise that the universe is working on your behalf. All you need to do is trust and surrender. Let the Universe weave your life with her magic. Stop interfering and allow that is. Send love to all. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. For every act of love you receive abundance and prosperity.


This moment is all you have. No one knows if the tomorrow is to come. No one knows what is going to happen. And yet we sabotage this wonderful gifted moment for the fear of tomorrow. We give up on our friendships and we do not care for our loved ones. Instead of giving them our precious time we spend it in building our future. Working on your future goals is not wrong but killing your present happiness and living in misery is not the right way to go.


We all have our own unique ideas and talents. We are one of a kind. Just as Cindrella’a glass shoe did not fit into someone else’s foot, your special gift is only for you to share. No one can do it better than you. You are being called for it because you were created with the divine intention of fulfilling it.


This is a message which keeps coming up in the story again and again. Yes, its true. Whenever you need to make a choice, look through the eyes of love. The absence of love leads to misery. Love will tell you what God wants you to know. Tune into the ocean of love within you and listen to the divine whispers of light. Miracles happen to those who believe in them.

Limiting beliefs which are blocking your success


This is a really powerful limiting belief which is holding you back. Somewhere deep within, you feel that you are not worthy of love, respect and money.Your worth is never linked to your earnings or your profession. You are worthy because you are a beaubuddha-carving-circular-433558tiful divine creation of love. You are one with the universe. You deserve all that you wish for. You are worthy and a beautiful glowing soul. Own your glow and do not dim your light to fit into the wants of the society.


“I am not a good writer,”  “I cant give that speech because I am not confident enough,”  “I am not smart enough to be rich,” and so on. Dissolve all these statements with  love. You are beautiful and amazing. You are a divine being with all the powers of the universe. Dont ever let anybody make you believe in any trash.


This constant fear of the world and this firmly rooted belief that everyone is trying to make it difficult for you does hinder your progress. Remember that the universe is working for you and not against you. You are being watched over and fully supported.

When I would be preparing for my exams, I would have this constant fear of how tough or tricky the question paper would be. This would leave me feeling drained and worried. Then a soft voice from within would whisper to me,”Calm down dear. God is going to sit with the examiner when he sets the paper.”


Sincerity and hardwork are surely the gateways to success. But struggling or lets say working towards your dreams should not be confused with suffering. You need not deny yourself the fun and joy you deserve. I have no time and money to go on trips or shopping. So I simply grab a good book and enjoy the winds. Fun and enjoyment just requires a little light and prayer.


When I was in school, teachers would tell us that in order to be successful we need to study the whole day, quit watching television and decrease our amount of sleep. No, thats rubbish. Its not about how much you work, but how much love you put into that work. People who love what they do are always successful and happy.


Dreams and desires(Being successful)

beverage-breakfast-cafe-264487REACH FOR THE STARS

When I say this, I literally mean it. Dream big, think big and serve with a big YES. Dont settle for less and dont ever limit your choices because of the fear of the world. Dreams are more than just goals. They are visions and hopes for a better tomorrow. They are your soul’s calling and your heart’s deepest desires. Its about being content and at peace.


Be in the present moment no matter how distressing it is. Discipline means to accept the present moment as it is instead of wishing that it were different. Embrace this moment and show up for it.


Now saying yes to life doeant mean showing up for only the good stuff. It means that you show up for all the sh**ty stuff as well. Showing up is a must because God cannot do for you what he cannot do through you.


This is the way to live. Do away with guilt and shame by being kind to yourself. Celebrate your victories and your failures. Be kind to all. Release all judgements. Anger, blaming, victim mentality or giving it back to them does you no good. Remember that in war there are no winners. Be it a small argument or a war of skills no one ever wins. See yourself and others in the light of compassion and send them love. Give up the war and be a winner.


Let there be love, let there be light. Let God be your guide. Allow the universe to do her work. All you need to do is show up for the glories which are already awaiting you. Trust that you will be led to your highest good. Pray, belive, trust and surrender all that is.

Do you find it hard to move on?


There are times when you want to move on and leave the past behind. It can be a broken friendship, a relationship which no longer serves you or a dream you no longer wish to pursue. You do wish to have a fresh start but your shadow self has something else to say.

She jusy cant let go. She is still holding on to past love and past pursuits. She is still stuck in the past and feels that it isnt correct to choose a different path. She fears the results and does not believe that anything good will come out of this.


Many times in life, moving on becomes really confusing. We get mixed messages from the universe which we are unable to interpret. Be it a love affair or an old career path, we fear if its right to leave it behind. We are unable to be clear in our thinking.


Goddess Hecate helps us with this. She helps us to see clearly the lessons from our past and she enables us to visualise our future self in her full glory. However inspite of working with her I could not understand why the past turned out to be how it was. But yes, I did see my future self smiling and content in her peaceful abode.

Lessons from the past are what we need to remember. Yes, it is often hard to extract these lessons. Our mind puts up questions like,” Why did this happen to me?”, “Why it didnt work out?”, “Why only me?”

The truth is that instead of focussing on the WHY and remaining stuck with these questions simply say “THANK YOU GOD FOR THE LESSONS OF MY PAST.” The lessons shall slowly be revealed to you.

As for your future, obsessing about it does no good. But yes, imagining your dreams being fulfilled and believing in them is the thing to do.

But when you are faced to make a tough decision in the present, then it isnt wise to take it on the basis of fear or confusion. Its always best to listen to your soul’s calling or your dharma. ” What is my soul calling me to do?”, “Who am I being asked to serve?.”


Each time you make a choice to move on and leave something or someone behind, there is some guilt associated with it. Deep within you, you can feel that somewhere and in some way you were wrong.

Take responsibilty for your actions. Show up with love and surrender. Walk on the path of dharma and if that person or thing was meant to stay or not you shall know. Dont focus too much on where you went wrong or how you were wronged. Give up the figt. Release all judgements and send love to all. Be kind to yourself and remember that the divine is always guiding you.

My teacher once told me a beautiful story. Once there was a man walking through the desert. He noticed that there were two feet always following him wherever he went. On one particular day, the feet werent following him anymore. Not knowing what was happening, he prayed to God to show him the truth. Thats when God said to him,”It was me following you all around. Today you were going on the wrong path. So I picked you up in my arms. The two feet you have been seeing today were mine and not yours.”


I often say this that the only moment when we can connect with the divine love is now. What lies within us is who we truly are. Love is who we are. Service is the art of love and surrender is opening the door to love and miracles. The moment you surrender to divine will, the door of your heart acorn-advent-blur-278508opens and love flows in leading you to light.

Dont make your business a busy mess( Relax and Release)


Okay, so I feel really guided to write this. I am an author and know nothing about marketing and monetisation. So I try finding some helpful advice on the internet, from experts, coaches and almost everyone. And the advice that I get is so crappy. I mean it feels so demotivating while going through all the marketing strategies.

Now, since I really believe in my love for writing, I find this stuff too annoying to handle. I feel limited by the options which are available to me aromatherapy-bath-bathroom-965985and the complicated process is really stressful. To be honest, I dont even know what a plug in is.


Yes, thats true. A calmer version of yourself always does the job better. Just grab some tea, relax, read some beautiful stuff and surrender it to your beloved Goddess.


Feeling overwhelmed by the statistics, money issues, tecnology and complicated procedures is completely fine. Almost everyone feels this way. But trust me, its no big deal. When you trust your wisdom the right stuff falls into your lap.


Being a creative person is a beautiful job. Make sure that you are not giving in to any unnecessary demands. When I started writing, the internet showed suggestions like purchase themes and pictures, get a plan and so many things I had never heard of. It felt so frustrating. But then, I deleted all the overwhelming information from my mind, stopped taking any random tips and began creating with love and compassion.


As we are in the waxing phase of the moon, its the perfect time to take inspired action. Now taking action by being afraid of money or by listening to any random tips and tricks is not inpired action. Inspired action comes easily to you, it feels good and its the best way for you.

You dont necessarily need to soak in all the random stuff or listen to any coach or expert if the advice doesnt feel good. For instance, I received a lot of information about being a writer and all of it did make sense to me but didnt feel good at all.

So, I just did what felt good and comforting. I started writing for oyewiki.com which is a wonderful platform for authors, I started my own blog and went on to join blog sharing groups on facebook and my work is flourishing in every way.


Well, I simply love doing things my way. It feels authentic and easy. People have all sorts of opinions and I agree with only a few of them. At present I am struggling with monetising my blog and everything seems so awful. I really dont like learning about all this stuff. Its so much time consuming.

So I just let God figure out something for me. I simply relax and release it all. Its going to happen soon and that too in the best possible way.